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Galveston Cruise
Parking FAQ's


What is the Galveston City Cruise Tax?

The City of Galveston has imposed an additional tax on cruise parking facilities for each vehicle parked at our facility longer than 48 hours. We are subject to fines if we fail to collect this tax. This fee is supposedly to compensate the City for the added stress on 'infrastructure' caused by cruise passenger vehicle traffic. We believe the Tax to be unfair, since if the Tax is to help defray infrastructure costs, it would simply be assessed on a per vehicle basis, not a per day basis, since cruise passenger vehicles are not stressing the infrastructure while parked at our facility, whether for 4 days or 40.

Do you have a shuttle service?

Yes, we provide shuttle service for you and your luggage to and from the terminal as part of your Covered or Un-Covered parking reservation, for vehicles with up to 5 passengers. Additional surcharges may apply to vehicles with more than 5 passengers. You will need to show your parking ticket to board the return shuttle. This protects our paying customers and prevents other cruisers from ending up at the wrong lot.

Is Lighthouse Parking secure?

Absolutely. Our lots are locked up whenever we are not parking for a cruise ship. We have video surveillance and an on-site security presence.

I need to cancel my reservation. What do I do?

Cancellations requests must be made 48 hours or more prior to departure. There will be a $15.00 cancellation fee. If the delay in your cruise is temporary, you can request a transfer to a future date with no additional fee. Please request a cancellation via the Contact Us Form. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund parking fees for No Show reservations.

What if I test positive for Covid?

Please let us know as soon as possible. If we don't hear from you until the day of your cruise that you won't be coming, there won't be anything we can do. If we're contacted at least the day before, then your reservation will be transferable to a future date for a cruise of equal length. You'll need to contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your new cruise to request a transfer.

What happens if my cruise ship arrival is delayed?

Please see our Weather Delay Policy.

Are there vehicle size restrictions to park at Lighthouse? How tall are the covers?

Our covers are 12′ high, so generally we can accommodate any normal passenger vehicle or truck. As a general rule, any vehicle larger than 7' wide, 17' long and 11' high will need prior approval and may require an additional space. Please Contact Us prior to booking if you think your vehicle may be borderline to make sure we can accommodate your vehicle.  Failure to pre-approve an oversize vehicle may result in additional fees on the day of parking.

I have lost, deleted or never received my confirmation email, can you re-send it to me?

Absolutely. Please send us a message using the form on the Contact Us page. Please include the name the reservation is under along with the Ship Name and departure date. If you never received your confirmation then please also verify your email address. A common cause for this issue is a typo in the email address when the reservation was initially booked.

Can I pay with a Credit Card if I do not have a Reservation?

Absolutely. We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. There will be a $5 processing fee.

Are your lots safe from flooding?

Generally speaking, yes. The covered lot is several feet above street level and the uncovered lot is nearly a foot above street level. Neither lot has experienced any serious flooding since Hurricane Ike 14 years ago.

When should I arrive at the parking lot?

You may begin arriving as early as 9 AM. However, we recommend that you arrive between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM, 30-45 minutes prior to any scheduled Check-In time under normal traffic conditions. Please allow additional time for any construction or special events. This ensures that we have debarked customers from the previous cruise and have spaces available to park. This also ensures that you will be able to check your luggage with the cruise line. Our last shuttle will leave at 2:00PM. We close the gates at 3:00 PM.

Do I really need to make a reservation?

We highly recommend that you reserve a parking space with us online. Because we offer Premium Parking (elevated lot with Covered Spaces), we sell out more often than not.

How far is Lighthouse from the cruise terminal?

We are approximately half a mile from the main terminal entrance and a mile or so from the Royal Carribbean terminal.

How long will I have to wait for a shuttle?

Our shuttles are constantly going between the parking the lot and the terminal during our peak times when debark and embark are occurring simultaneously. We do not have set pickup times; our shuttles depart when full or every 30 minutes, whichever comes first.

Do I need to drop off my luggage at the Port before I park?

It is not necessary to drop off your luggage first. We will transport both you and your luggage to and from the Port, providing an easy and convenient one-stop parking experience.

Where do I go to get picked up when I return from the cruise?

Your bus driver will indicate where the pick-up point will be, based on which terminal your ship will arrive at upon return.

I think I left some luggage at the parking lot and/or on the bus. HELP!

Please send us a note via the Contact Us Form. Leave a message with your name, contact phone number and a detailed description of what you have misplaced. We will do everything we can to locate your item and reunite you with it.

Where do I go to get picked up when I return from the cruise?

Your bus driver will indicate where the pick-up point will be, based on which terminal you depart from.

Is it important to put name tags on all of my luggage?

Absolutely! Without clear and complete owner information on each piece of luggage, it will prove difficult if not impossible to reunite owner with luggage. It is very important that your contact phone number be one where you can be reached before you return home, such as a cell phone number.

What should I do when I arrive at the parking lot?

One of our employees will greet you at the gate and verify your reservation if you have one. If you do not have a reservation, our employee will collect your payment if we have space available. You will then be assisted by one of our lot attendants who will direct you to a parking spot and assist you with loading your luggage onto one of our shuttle busses.

Do I have to tip the porters and drivers?

Tipping is at your discretion. However, our drivers and porters do earn the majority of their income from tips and they do work very hard to provide you a safe and convenient start to your cruise.  If you do choose to tip, the general rate is about $1.00 per bag.

Do you offer Veteran discounts?

We offer a $20 discount to Service Connected Disabled Vets, off of an Uncovered space, plus the Galveston City Cruise Tax. The tax varies, based on the number of days parked. Because we cannot verify a Veteran's status through the website, these spots are only available at the gate on the day of the cruise and are not reserve-able online. So please do not reserve a regular space online and then expect to receive $20 back at the gate when you arrive to park. You will need to be able to show proof of your Service Connected Disabled status, such as a VA card, so please have this ready before you arrive to park. The discount is only available to the vehicle in which the veteran is traveling. There are a limited number of spaces and availability is NOT guaranteed.

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A Customer Favorite

Parked at Lighthouse for our 1/14/13 Triumph cruise. It was very organized and quick. Bags and us were picked up at our vehicle and delivered quickly to the cruise terminal. Instructions were given on where to meet the bus on return. Upon return the bus was waiting for us when we went out to the lot. Bags and us were dropped off at our vehicle. Easy access to/from I-45. Extremely polite employees. Don’t forget to tip the driver and the baggage handler. Those guys work hard! Thanks Lighthouse, we’ll park there on our next cruise for sure!
Andrew S.