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Weather Delay Policy

Weather Delay Policy

Weather Delay Policy
Here at Lighthouse, we almost always sell out our parking spaces.

This means that as a new cruise day begins, we likely will not have available parking until passengers that parked with us the previous week have debarked from the cruise ship.

This does not usually cause any issue since the cruise ships typically begin debarking passengers between 7 and 8 AM and customers arriving to park for that day don’t start arriving until 9 to 10 AM.HOWEVER….In the event that the cruise ship(s) cannot get into the Port on time due to fog or some other delay, then departing passengers who parked with us the previous week are not going to be able to get their vehicle from our parking lots and leave at the normal time.
So, with all that in mind, here’s what to expect if your cruise is unfortunately delayed: If you have a reservation with us, we will have a spot for you as soon as the ship(s) get into Port and begin debarking passengers. Placement into a parking space with be on a first come, first served basis. A line will form at the gate and we will park customers as spots open up.

There will be NO REFUNDS if you choose to try and find a spot somewhere else. We do not have any control over the weather. Also, nothing is gained by trying to find a spot somewhere else when the ship(s) are not in Port. Even if you managed to find another spot (unlikely as most other lots sell out during these busy times), no one can be shuttled to the Port until the ship(s) arrive and have begun debarking passengers.

Please also understand that even if you are given a scheduled check-in time by your cruise line, those times will not apply if the ship(s) is delayed. There is no reason to be concerned that the ship will leave without you. Ship departure times are pushed back whenever there is a delay and we will have plenty of time to get customers to the ship(s).

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I’m so glad we went with Lighthouse! When we arrived we were directed to a parking space. Our bags were then loaded onto the shuttle by the staff. They shuttled us to the terminal and unloaded our bags. After we disembarked the ship they were waiting for us. They loaded and unloaded our bags once again. Everyone was very polite and helpful. Highly recommend them!
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