9 Reasons to Pack Duct Tape on Your Next Cruise

It’s been said that duct tape fixes everything but a broken heart. So it’s no surprise the multi-purpose adhesive is at the top of many cruisers’ packing lists. Packing duct tape can help you combat wardrobe and luggage malfunctions, and fix minor cabin quirks such as clingy shower curtains or window drapes that won’t stay in place.packing for a cruise tips, cruise travel tips, Vacation Planning It can even act as a First Aid remedy.

Packing duct tape might also save you money. Why buy overpriced beach towel clips when you can tape your towel to the deck chair? (Just don’t use it as a chair-hogging mechanism.) And drop that lint roller from your shopping list; duct tape does the job just fine.

Bring an entire roll, or save room in your suitcase by wrapping only the amount you think you’ll need around a sharpie or expired credit card.

Bear in mind: If packing duct tape to use in your cabin, make sure it’s okay with your cruise line. Some ban adhesives on doors and other surfaces, as they tend to leave behind a sticky residue. Cruise lines usually list these guidelines on their websites, but you can always call if you’re unsure.

If you’re a sucker for vacation hacks that help you stay organized, here are nine reasons to pack duct tape on your next cruise.

1. Remove Lint

Want a lint roller that serves more than just one purpose? Duct tape is your answer. With the sticky side up, wrap one round of tape around your hand. packing for a cruise tips, cruise travel tips, Vacation Planning Remove hair, lint and other particles from your clothes by gently dabbing your clothing. Remember to take caution with especially delicate clothing materials.

2. Seal Curtains

If you’re easily awoken by light, don’t want to know when the sun rises or happen to be cruising in Alaska or the Baltic when the midnight sun never sets, duct tape can be your best friend. Carefully place a few pieces around the drapes where light might peek through and prepare to sleep in. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock.

3. Fix Broken Luggage

Whether the airline roughed up your suitcase or your bags were lovingly worn to begin with, your baggage is bound to get nicks and holes if you cruise enough times with it. Prevent any belongings from falling out by bandaging the holes up with some duct tape. You can even add some flair by using fun colors and prints. For other bags and backpacks, we recommend taping rips and tears from the inside.

4. Repair Sandals

packing for a cruise tips, cruise travel tips, Vacation Planning Okay, so it’s not the most stylish look. But if you’re in port and one of your sandal straps pops off, the last thing you want to do is walk around barefoot. (You can only last so long clenching your toes around the loose strap in hopes the sandal will stay on your foot.) Duct tape can fix broken sandals in a pinch so your feet are safe until you can obtain new shoes.

5. Mend Torn Hems

Torn hems are easier to fix than you might think. If the hem unravels on your jeans or blazer, simply attach a small piece of tape underneath the fold. No one will ever notice. Again, remember to use a soft touch with delicate fabrics.

6. Make Your Luggage Standout

We’ve all been there: waiting for your luggage at the carousel while antsy flyers hover around the conveyor belt like Black Friday shoppers ready to bust through a department store door. To make your bag stand out among the mob scene, use duct tape to mark an “X” or create a tag around the handle. Again, you can get creative by using a variety of colors and prints.

7. Keep Your Shower Curtain at Bay

It’s one of cruising’s more unsettling forces: the relentless, creeping, clinging shower curtain that repeatedly attaches to your legs for a tingly embrace. Instead of making yourself crazy battling an inanimate object, showering with the curtain open or avoiding the bath altogether, use duct tape to keep the curtain at bay.

8. Hold Towels in Place

packing for a cruise tips, cruise travel tips, Vacation Planning Beach towel clips are cute and all, but they’re a waste of money if you have duct tape on hand. When you’re heading to the pool deck for some vitamin D, toss some duct tape in your tote bag. Use a couple of small pieces to attach your towel to the deck chair, and you’ll never have to worry about your towel sliding down or falling off again.

9. Heal Blisters

Cruises require a lot of walking. You can easily spend an entire day walking around in port or finding your way around a ship. But all this walking can take a toll on your feet (even more if you wear heels on formal night). If you start to notice blisters and aren’t able to get your hands on antibiotic cream and bandages right away, we have another solution: duct tape. Duct tape works best when applied before blisters form, but if you’re too late, place a small piece of paper or tissue over the wound and then cover with duct tape. This will protect the area until you can get the First Aid products you need from the onboard shop.


Cruise Tips; Tips For Before Departing

Every day, more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. More singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are sailing away on the vacation of their lives. Last year alone approximately seven million people enjoyed a cruise vacation.  To ensure you have a smooth trip, consider these cruise tips, including what to pack on a cruise, what to bring on a cruise and more.  And as always, remember to consult with a travel agent for your next cruise to ensure you have the best experience possible.


  • Check what sort of identification you need when traveling to your destinations.
  • Notify the cruise ship of any special dietary restrictions or requests at least 60 days prior to departure.
  • Leave copies of your passport, airline tickets, travelers cheques and credit cards with a family member or a friend.
  • Discuss your travel plans with a doctor. Some countries may require certain immunizations. Bring any immunization records with you.
  • If you tend to get motion sickness, see your doctor prior to departure for recommendations. Dramamine and patches often work to curb seasickness.
  • It may be easier to email friends and family members back home if you have established a Web-based email account, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo beforehand.
  • If you are flying to your departure port, check and confirm your airline reservation 24 hours prior to departure.
  • If you have an ongoing medical condition, ask your family doctor to write up your brief medical history, which you can take with you and provide in the event of a problem.
  • Check your cruise ticket and verify its information.
  • Check your airline ticket and verify its information.
  • If you book cruise only, you are responsible for getting to the ship from the airport. Some parking facilities offer shuttles.
  • If you plan to bring a hair dryer or an electric razor, check the cabin voltage. You may need an adapter.
  • Give relatives and friends the ship’s telephone number, in case of an emergency.
  • If you booked an air/sea package through a cruise line and you missed the ship because of late/cancelled flight, most cruise lines will get you to the next port.
  • Arrive at the embarkation area at least two hours prior to sailing.
  • Complete the immigration/embarkation and the onboard credit card application forms before you register at the check-in desk
  • Don’t purchase duty-free alcohol to take onboard. It is confiscated until the last day of the cruise.
  • Purchase some guidebooks so you can read about the ports of call you will be visiting.
  • If you plan on scuba diving, consider becoming certified before you embark on the cruise. You’ll save time and money.

Best Cruise Tips for Fun, Safe & Enjoyable Travel

Cruise Tips For Safe & Enjoyable Travel

Traveling preparation stress and worry while away from your home can often times take away the pleasure and relaxation desired during your vacation. At Lighthouse, we want to make sure that we can make your travel experience is memorable and enjoyable. Here are helpful cruise travel tips for an anxiety and stress-free cruise travel experience.

  • Overflowing mail is like putting a neon sign in your front yard telling crooks that you are not at home. Requesting your mail to be held at your local post office is a great way to alert wrong doers that your home has been left unattended. You can also make this alert at www.usps.com for easy mail holding services.
  • Packing beach towels can take up a lot of space in your luggage, and they most likely will not be completely dry by the time you disembark. Don’t worry, your cruise provider has plenty of towels on board, so don’t worry about packing them.
  • If you are prone to motion sickness, consult with your physician prior to traveling for the best course of treatment. Over the counter motion sickness tablets are available, in addition you might choose an inside cabin mid ship to reduce the affects of the ships movements.
  • Make a point to get a supply of $1 bills to use for tipping parking attendants, luggage porters, and service attendants.
  • A collapsible clothes hamper that folds flat in your luggage will help keep your cabin tidy while on board.
  • Placing timers throughout your home set to different settings allow your home to looked lived in while you are away. Remember to set a radio or television on a timer as well to create the effect of someone home can deter possible intruders.
  • If you have any dietary restrictions it is best to notify your cruise line ahead of time to allow them to prepare for any special supplies. Nothing can ruin a travel getaway like an upset stomach.
  • Personal 2-way radios are a great way to stay in touch while on board the ship and enjoying excursions. They are especially handy if traveling with children.
  • Check with your homeowners insurance to see if they cover jewelry theft while traveling. While on board it is best to keep any important documents, jewelry or personal items in the room safe. Leaving unnecessary expensive jewelry at home might be a great way to put your mind at ease while traveling.
  • Traveling abroad can bring some important security issues. Men, keep your wallet in your front pocket which is a more difficult spot to be pick pocketed. Place a rubber band around your wallet as to keep it compact and all contents secured if  dropped. Ladies, while visiting destinations, leave jewelry on board and travel with a compact handbag  in order to keep it close and less of a target for a bad guy.
  • Make cards with your name, address, phone number, & email address to share with new friends that you meet on your cruise. Stiff, business card-style paper can be purchased at nearly any office supply store & having your cards handy sure beats hunting for pens & scribbling on scraps of paper to swap addresses.
  • If traveling to a location where intense sunlight is anticipated, packing sunscreen is a MUST. As you draw closer to the equator, the suns UV rays are more intense making it easier to burn. Prevent sleepless nights with  sun burnt skin by packing plenty of high SPF sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses can be a lifesaver while relaxing on deck by the pool or while enjoying destination ports. Lighthouse suggests packing a few pair in case one pair is damaged or misplaced.
  • Germicidal hand cleaner is a must have for adventure excursions where water might be at a premium or unavailable.
  • If you pick an outside cabin, check to make sure your view of the sea isn’t obstructed by a lifeboat.
  • Spa, massage, and salon’s on board are a great treat and special time of relaxation. Be sure to make your appointments ahead of time (if possible), or as soon as you board. Times will book up quickly, so to get the time you desire, book early!
  • Pack anything that can leak in zipper top plastic storage bags.

Best Cruise Travel Tips from Lighthouse Parking

We hope that we have helped you prepare for your upcoming cruise. Remove the stress and anxiety of cruise travel by properly preparing for cruise travel.