10 Tips to Packing Efficiently For Your Cruise Vacation

It’s easy to get a little over zealous when anticipating your upcoming vacation. Weeks ahead of time, you start to envision your holiday away and all of the things you plan to take. It’s pretty eye-opening, however, when you prepare to pack your suitcase and determine you’ve got half your closet and most of your bathroom on your bed ready to be packed up for your week-long vacation. It’s pretty obvious that won’t work. With some common sense and a few tips, you’ll have your suitcase packed up with only essentials and very little wasted space easily!


  1. Analyze your trip and your plans. A cruise to The Bahamas will require different things than an Alaskan cruise. Check the weather forecast for your vacation destination. Look through your itinerary and determine the type of clothing choices needed for your activities. Decide if the majority of your trip will be casual or if you’ll need some dressier items with you as well.
  2. Research your travel company’s allowances for luggage. Many airlines are cutting back on the size of carry-on luggage and other suitcases they allow without charging extra handling fees. If you’re going on a cruise, realize your state room is only so big and won’t accommodate a large quantity of luggage.
  3. Determine the suitcase you want to bring. Your luggage must be something you are able to lift yourself. While your case may have wheels (which is highly recommended), there are places it becomes necessary to carry it. Label your suitcase adequately with your name and contact information. It’s also a good idea to make your luggage identifiable with a brightly colored strap or other obvious marking. This makes it easier to pick out among others at the airport.
  4. Choose clothing that will layer well and that will mix and match in an economical way. The weather is sometimes changeable, so it’s always a good idea to have clothes that will enhance each other. For instance, your sundress can be worn into the evening with a sweater or other wrap. Additionally, choose a color scheme for the majority of your clothes that you take for your week-long vacation. That way your clothes, shoes and accessories will likely match everything.
  5. Select clothing that is packable and less likely to wrinkle. Knits are terrific choices, because they are wrinkle-resistant and shake out well. Linen, on the other hand, is not a good choice as it wrinkles very easily.
  6. Pack personal items. It’s very important to remember all necessary medicines and personal toiletries. However, instead of taking the big bottles of these items, purchase smaller containers in which to carry your shampoo, conditioner and other items.
  7. Layer your suitcase. Your heavy and bulkier items should be packed toward the bottom, and your items that are more likely to wrinkle should be put on top.
  8. Exercise creativity when packing. Roll garments to save space. Use your shoes to pack things in. For instance, accessories, socks, pantyhose or jewelry can be packed inside shoes.
  9. Anticipate your purchases. It’s never any fun to start to pack to go home and realize that you don’t have room for everything. Leave room for any souvenirs or items you intend to buy while on vacation.
  10. Remember to include money, itinerary and travel documents. These items are necessary for any successful vacation.

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