9 Reasons Getting Married on a Cruise is a Great Idea

So you are getting hitched and you are stressed about all of the pomp and circumstances revolving around the wedding day. We have a stress free solution! Consider taking the plunge on a cruise ship or at an exotic port of call. This wedding venue provides endless options that will make for a beautiful wedding album. Here are some reasons that a cruise wedding is a fantastic idea:

  1. It is Very Affordable

    Depending on the cruise line or the destination, your wedding can start at just $795. This is a super efficient and cost effective ceremony alternative that is practically worry free. No need to worry about guest hotel rooms, transportation or food!

  2. The Best Buy One Get One Free Option Available

    Getting married while on a cruise vacation  rolls your ceremony and honeymoon into one great little package. If you are on a tight budget, this is a great way to combine the best of both worlds into one affordable option.

  3. Remove the Headaches of Wedding Planning

    Planning a destination wedding can be quite stressful. You have to worry about hotels, transportation once guests arrive, and what about catering! Your cruise line can coordinate all of these issues, leaving you free to focus on enjoying your special day.

  4. Leave It All Up To The Professionals

    The cake, photographer, food, and location….a lot to coordinate. Leave it all up to the experts! Most cruise lines have dedicated wedding planners to make your perfect day that much more special. Additionally some cruise lines have gift registries, a free wedding website and a your very own wedding coordinator.

  5. Customizable Wedding Packages Are Available

    Create your very own custom wedding package to include all of your own individual personal touches. Include things like ice sculptures, beautiful flower arrangements, custom menus and much more.

  6. Get Married on Board

    Getting married on the ship can be very  romantic. You can bring your own officiant or on some cruise lines the captain can perform the ceremony. With technology and social media advancements, you can even broadcast your your ceremony for those who cannot be there in person.

  7. Destination Wedding?

    What a way to say “I do” that doing it on a tropical paradise. A destination wedding can provide some beautiful wedding photos that you will be sure to cherish for a lifetime.

  8. Your Guest List Can Be As Big or As Small As You Want

    No better way to create the perfect guest list than getting married on board a cruise ship. Whether it is just you and your soon to be wed, your immediate family, or a few hundred of your closest friends, getting married on board can  accommodate you.

  9. Your Guest Are in a Win-Win Situation

    Not only will your guest enjoy your special day, they get a vacation as well. What more can they ask for.