6 Signs You Just Returned From Taking A Cruise

People are either cruisers or they are not. Some people love the relaxing, carefree atmosphere of a cruise while others are terrified of being “locked up” on a boat with strangers for a week. For us, we love cruise vacations and making memories with family and friends. If you have just returned from a dreamy cruise vacation, here are six signs that you just got back!

1. You make Donald Trump Look Like He Needs a Tan

Food is not the only thing that is served in high quantity on a cruise ship. Mother Nature provide and endless amount of sun that you can enjoy and get your tan on. This is especially noticeable if you cruise during the winter or if you are from an area up North that does not see many sun bathing opportunities.

2. You Frequent the International Food Aisle At Your Grocery Store

Cruise vacations allow you to sample many different types of food in a very short time. Recreating that delicious meal when you return home is the goal of even the novice of chefs. You will find yourself shopping for tropical spices and seasonings upon your return.

3. You Become The Best Salesman For The Cruise Industry

You just had the time of your life on your cruise vacation and you want to share your experience with everyone you meet. To you, there is no better way to spend your vacation and you have already began to plan your next adventure. You eat, sleep, walk and talk the cruise life when you return and want everyone to enjoy cruising.

4. Your “little” House Doesn’t Seem So Little Anymore

A cruise ship is like a floating city; large massive and elaborate “boat.” Until you arrive in your stateroom and you realize that the closets in your house back on shore are not so little anymore. You begin to appreciate the size of your home and your ability to stretch out without touching a wall.

5. You Begin to Evaluate Your Ability or Inability To Cook

After feasting on multi-course gourmet meals for the last week, you have now realized that you are not as good of a cook as you once thought. You might even find yourself enrolling in cooking classes in an effort to recreate that unforgettable meal from your cruise vacation.

6. Your Social Media Becomes An Ad For Cruise Vacationing

Every time we have returned from a cruise vacation, we spend days sorting through the endless number of photos taken while on board. What better way to share your experience that social media. Your social media feed begins to look like an advertisement for your favorite cruise line.