5 Tips For Parking Your Car Long-Term

Light_5Lighthouse Parking is Galveston’s premier, cruise terminal parking facility. We pride ourselves on offering one of the safest facilities to park your vehicle for your cruise vacation. We want to offer you some great tips for making the return to your vehicle a pleasant return home.

1. Remove Trash From Your Vehicle

Our vehicles sometimes double as a catch-all dumpster for our day-to-day trash. Before you embark on your cruise vacation, make sure that you remove any trash from you vehicle to prevent coming back to the over looked drive-thru food that will become a smelly mess after sitting for a week in your car in the hot Texas sun.

2. Remove Your Valuable

This is common practice no matter where you are parking your vehicle. Lighthouse provides staffed security 24/7, but it never hurts to remove any temptation from your vehicle while you are away.

3. Fill Your Tank Before You Park

The last thing you want to do after a cruise vacation filled with relaxation and making memories with your loved ones is to stop for gas. In addition, having a full tank of gas reduces the potential of condensation build up inside your tank and keeps seals from drying out. The longer you are leaving your vehicle parked, the more important this becomes.

4. Minor Maintenance to Your Vehicle

Fill your tires, stationary tires can often flatten over time. Turn off all lights, including interior lights, dome lights, and headlights. Make sure your windows are fully closed.

5. Bring Windshield Cleaning Supplies

Chances are that your windshield will be dirty after sitting for a week, even in our covered cruise parking facility. We suggest bringing cleaning supplies for your windshield or make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is topped off.

Cruise vacations are fun and exciting and we want to make sure that your return from your vacation goes off without any issues. Just a few preparation steps and your return home will be just as great as your trip.